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Hieronder vindt u de Beta Motor accessoires, van zowel Beta als ook van andere leveranciers. De originele Beta Motor onderdelen vindt u onder 'Onderdelen' bovenaan deze website.

Het volledige assortiment van originele Beta Motor accessoires vindt u in deze brochure.


Mitas Enduro C19 EF07 GroenMitas Enduro banden Femon Parts 1

EF-07 MAJESTIC ENDURO REAR 120/90-18 or 140/80-18


The EF-07 Super Light is made from a slightly softer tread compound than the Super version. It ensures excellent handling in wet forest and meadow soils and is designed for the toughest competition.


C-19 EAGLE FRONT in 90/100-21 or 90/90-21

Tread pattern for Enduro, Extreme Enduro and Cross country racing. C-19 Super Light is made from a softer tread compound. It has a lighter carcass (one textile ply less) than the C-19 Super.



Prijs: € 69.00
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