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Hieronder vindt u de Beta Motor accessoires, van zowel Beta als ook van andere leveranciers. De originele Beta Motor onderdelen vindt u onder 'Onderdelen' bovenaan deze website.

Het volledige assortiment van originele Beta Motor accessoires vindt u in deze brochure.


Zandona STEALTH Jacket

The Stealth Jacket series have been studied to defend from collisions the spinal column, the top-limbs and to give a good kidney support to the adult/junior. These items are provided with back and top-limbs guards that offer a great
advantage: The user can perfectly regulate them according to its own sizes, thanks to a Velcro-elastics regulation system. The chest guards have been realized with an innovative material, the Elastollan 660 DU, very resistant from bumps, twisting and abrasion. The polyurethane plates are splinterproof in cases of blows or crashes; the number of plates is variable according to the zone to protect and to the length of the user. The structure underneath the plates has a Memory System of Cells which guarantees high shock absorption level. The plates are joined to a drop a wire system which guarantees the impact distribution throughout the whole protection surface. The coupled material of P.E. + tissue, which is support of the
protective system, is soft, Transpiring and Anti-Bacterial. The lumbar belt waist closing with its double elastic regulation system is excellent and comfortable. The back protector is comfortable becaue it follows and satisfies the natural
forward movement of the spine.


Prijs: € 219.00
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