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Hieronder vindt u de Beta Motor accessoires, van zowel Beta als ook van andere leveranciers. De originele Beta Motor onderdelen vindt u onder 'Onderdelen' bovenaan deze website.

Het volledige assortiment van originele Beta Motor accessoires vindt u in deze brochure.


Airoh Bril Femon Parts 2Airoh Bril XR1 Femon Parts 4 Airoh Bril Femon Parts Beta Airoh Bril XR1 Femon Parts 7 Airoh Bril Femon Parts 1 Airoh Bril Femon Parts Beta 1

BLAST XR1 protects your vision and enhances driving pleasure, feel free to enjoy your passion without limits, without sacrificing performance and style. With an optimized comfort and ergonomic fit, this goggle has been designed to perfectly fit most helmets and cranial/facial conformances. Upgrade your experience, become unstoppable.


Watch de DEMO movie in this link



  • Flexible frame engineered to fit securely with most helmets without affecting the comfort
  • Extra wide vision with optimized peripheral view
  • Anti-fog coated to not compromise the visibility
  • Anti-scratch lens
  • Triple layer foam to optimized the moisture management
  • Wide silicone coated strap for maximum grip
  • Mirrored cylindric lens with pins and an high level of breathability


Prijs: € 41,95
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