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Hieronder vindt u de Beta Motor accessoires, van zowel Beta als ook van andere leveranciers. De originele Beta Motor onderdelen vindt u onder 'Onderdelen' bovenaan deze website.

Het volledige assortiment van originele Beta Motor accessoires vindt u in deze brochure.


Bodyprotector Beta Sherco Enduro FemonBodyprotector Beta Sherco Enduro Femon 2 Bodyprotector Beta Sherco Enduro Femon 1
Omschrijving Chest Protector


Chest and back protector plastic shells are constructed form a high-performance polymeric material blend for optimized flexibility and excellent weight saving properties. The plastic shells feature extensive, strategically-positioned perforation zones for excellent breathability and ventilation. The thermoformed padded chassis and padded side wings offer optimal rider comfort. An adjustable quick release waist system allows for a customized fit and ensures protection remains secure and close to the body at all times. The flexible front side wings are connected to the main chest protector with three bridge fixings allowing the wings to move independently and adapt to the natural contours of the body. Removable back puck for BNS compatibility. Silicon BNS pull tab for convenient and safe engagement of the BNS. The removable shoulder protectors allow this upper body protector to be worn in various configurations, giving the rider the opportunity to tailor the protector to the conditions. The removable shoulder protectors feature an adjustable V-Strap System to allow for a comfortable and snug upper arm fitment.



Prijs: € 159.00
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